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Ulu knives by Eagle River Knife Company are the highest quality Ulu knife available.

Ulu blades made with superior quality steel, an exceptional heat treating process (including a cryogenic freeze) and a mirror polished finish makes our Alaska Ulu design out perform all the others in beauty as well as cutting ability and sharpness.  Even good steel makes a poor knife with an inferior heat treatment. This is where the competition pales in comparison to our Ulu blade quality.


Our Ulu Knife is available in many different colored handles and come with your choice of a display stand or leather sheath. Each of our Ulu knives are hand crafted and go through a rigorous sharpening process, that takes them from a 180 grit through 1200 grit sharpening belt. The final honing is done by buffing the microscopic bur with cotton buffing wheels to produce a hair splitting sharp edge.

We carry the widest selection of Quality Ulu Knives and Bowls, including Antler, Carved Antler, Fossilized Bone, Fossilized Ivory, Ivory Artifact, Walrus Ivory, Whale Bone, Stellar Sea Cow, Oosik and Scrimshaw handles.

The Dymondwood® Handles come in a wide assortment of colors, and are constructed of laminated hardwoods that have been veneered, dyed and pressed into these incredibly beautiful patterns and color combinations.


We believe in our knives so strongly that we offer a 100% money back guarantee, in addition to our limited lifetime replacement warranty. If you are not satisfied with our knives for any reason, just return it within 1 year from date of purchase for a full refund. Contact us for warranty details.


  New!!!  Ulu and knife sharpener


The challenge facing the ulu knife user  has always been "how do I sharpen it?"  

This was the task we took on -  to design a sharpener that would be "simple" to use for anyone, regardless of their sharpening experience.  

We have perfected this exclusive design that works great  for any knife,  including all ulu knives.  

Since this is a directional sharpener we offer it as right handed or left handed use so select the  one that is correct for you.


A right handed person should order the right handed sharpener, a left handed person should order the left handed sharpener.

Ulu & knife sharpener $29.95 ($2.00 flat fee shipping)


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We also invite you to visit Eagle River Knife Company website, where we carry a full line of quality custom made knives, including complete Kitchen Sets, Fillet Knives, Hunting Knives, Carving Forks and Steak Knives.

  With proper care of your knife, it will look as good in years to come as it did the day you bought it. Because our knives are harder than many sharpening steels, we recommend either a diamond or ceramic sharpener. When sharpening you need only slightly hone your knife to keep it's razor sharp edge. DON'T wait until the edge is worn and dull to sharpen your knife. A little touch up when the knife loses its razor edge is the way to keep the edge sharp. We recommend sharpening your knife at a 10 to 15 degree angle. DON'T use a preset sharpening device of any kind as they are set to a 20 to 35 degree angle and will remove our razor sharp edge. Because even stainless steels can stain and rust, it is a good practice to wipe your knives after every use. Soaking knives in the sink can damage the polyurethane coating on the handles. DON'T put your high quality knives in the dishwasher. Outside of removing our polyurethane finish, dishwashers dull blades faster than normal use because of the hitting action against other cutlery. The sheath may be oiled as needed. Care should be taken when removing and returning your knife to it's sheath to prevent cutting the sheath or yourself.  

Wood is sensitive to extremes of temperatures, humidity and dryness. After initial purchase and after each use, clean with mild soap and water. Never put wood products in the dishwasher or leave standing in water for any period of time. Occasionally apply a coat of either peanut, mineral or walnut oil and let stand overnight. We recommend doing this at least once a month. It does not hurt to over oil your wood products. When scratches appear, a light sanding and re-oiling is all it needs.





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